Case Studies

Grabbing Market Share
J. Crew had seen its men’s market share eroding on account of competitors including Bonobo’s offering and heavily promoting pants that were more comfortable due to multiple fits. Market research had also revealed that J. Crew was suffering from the perception of only making clothes “for skinny guys.”

In the fall of 2017, the company was poised to introduce two new pant fits–expanding its offering from Slim and Straight fits to Slim, Straight, Athletic and Relaxed. The brief called for an inexpensive digital strategy that would attract new customers and launch the two new fits. The solve was a low budget campaign designed for You Tube, Instagram and Facebook that featured mini-videos of four different shaped guys each exhibiting their own unique dance moves. In addition, a user-friendly fit guide was built on After 350,000 You Tube views during the first month of the campaign’s launch, the Relaxed and Athletic fits sold out, and the pants category saw a double digit lift in sales.

Director Dewey Nicks from a script by John Brodie. Art direction by Amy Turkington